02 February 2009

Welcome to.... London?!?!

What's this you say? What happened to Scotland?

Snow happened. 

Apparently the worst weather London has seen in approximately 20 years hit today, and our connecting flight to Edinburgh got cancelled. I would like to point out that the weather consists of about 2-3 inches of snow, and all flights out of Heathrow got cancelled. The British need to get with it.  They seem to like the snow -- we saw multiple snowmen (one with a Hawaiian theme), people throwing snowballs, and kids pulling their sleds across the street. 

Anyways, after some confusion in the airport, they put us up in a hotel in the Notting Hill/Bayswater section of London. They're feeding us dinner in a couple hours, and then I guess we have a BMI flight tomorrow at 2ish.  Who knows what will happen to our orientation.. maybe it will get cut short.  I just want to get to Scotland already.. it's been a long day. 


  1. It is better than being stuck in Newark; at least your flight made it to Heathrow. Enjoy London if you can, get some sleep and by this time tomorrow you should be in Edinburgh. Love you, Dad.

  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/03/world/europe/03britain.html?_r=1&hp

    See the NY Times article about how London is coping.

  3. That is pretty weird. But at least you got a night in Kensington out of it!