25 February 2009


The "Invisible Heating" in the flat comes through the floor. It makes walking around a delight.I could even dry my laundry on the floor if I wanted. Heated floors might just be cooler (or warmer?) than heated seats. I would like to add that this is also a feature of the bathroom floor. What better way to get out of the shower?! I know none.

I just had Super Noodles, which I suppose is the British equivalent of Ramen noodles... and they weren't bad at all.  I still prefer Ramen, but now I know I have an alternative if my cherished noodles are unavailable. 

I looked up what was on the top of the UK charts ... I like most of what I am hearing so far (minus the bad pop music).  Kings of Leon are huge, Elbow, some good rap, the Kooks, Killers, MGMT, and some other good British bands. 

Today I was watching an episode of The Weakest Link, and the question was, "What city in Pennsylvania used to be the capital of the US?" And the guy guessed Pittsburgh. I had a good laugh over THAT one. Philadelphia would be horrified to know that it had been mistaken for Pittsburgh. 

We had a fire drill this morning! At 7AM... 20 minutes before my alarm was set to go off :(  I was having a really good dream, but I lost it when I was rudely awakened.  I finally got to see who the other residents of Haldane are. My flatmate stopped to get a cuppa tea on the way out... smart move... it was freezing out there. Once I got back inside, I checked the weather, and apparently sunrise was technically at 7:18.. so we were out there before the official sunrise! Ridiculous. 


  1. (Napoleon Dynamite)- Lucky!!

    The UK charts always have better taste, for some odd reason. Every major band did better on the UK charts when they started out than on the US ones.

    Haahaha, wow, who the hell wrote that question? "Umm, I'm going to say, Philadelphia, and thank you for giving me the answer. May I add that you might want to have said Pennsylvania, instead of Philly."

    I hate that shit, when the dream gets ruined. It's never anything or anyone but mom or dad that ruins it. They have shit timing. Especially seeming my most mundane dreams are better than reality. And fire drills bite. The only time STA has one is if it's freezing or incredibly windy outside.

  2. that was a typo.. clearly that was not the real question.

  3. Many US houses have heat in the floors, but it is not very efficient. Nice and toasty for the tootsies, but expensive. Enjoy it while you can, little girl; not happening here.