12 February 2009


... is the theme of Scotland thus far. 

It snowed last night! What the hell! I seriously thought I had left that at home.

A bunch of us are spending tomorrow night in Edinburgh.. should be fuuuun. 

Classes have started; I am already intimidated. 

Last night, competed in a Guitar Hero competition with some of my flatmates in the Student Union pub. Good times were had by all. 

Pictures thus far:


  1. I don't get it; Moosejaw?

    Don't be intimidated after the first class; there will be plenty of time for that later on in the term.

    Have fun in Edinburgh, study hard, love you,

  2. Don't worry about it, Pops.. Moosejaw is a character on Rock Band.

  3. Rock Band sucks. so does Guitar Hero. They don't know shit about music. And...it's just another way the music industry is destroying good music by conglomerating it and making fast money. They took the rebellion of rock away, packaged it up in slick marketing and sold it back to you as your own individuality. You've been suckered by the corporatocracy. i'm done spamming you with the truth.

  4. okay, i revise my position. rock band is fun, though it was 3 am and i do prefer the real thing. but i still believe it is all slick marketing. i still believe that. however, it is fun to do. i suck at the guitar, because the tremolo refused to cooperate, but singing was super easy.