04 February 2009

St Andrews At Last

Finally here. Spent last night in Edinburgh.. fun night at a couple pubs.. today was long and now I have to unpack all my stuff. None of my flatmates are here, but their stuff is in the common room/kitchen. They need to take the trash out :x 

St Andrews is a very cute and picturesque town. Very surreal. Some good shops to explore later. Long walk into town though. So much familiarization to doooo.


  1. Nice talking with you earlier today, Sally. Glad to hear that you connected with Mom. She is excited about the shopping potential in St. Andrews; maybe that is when I will play golf! Enjoy your time before classes start. Love you, Dad.

  2. You'll have to start taking photos and posting them here too. We're going to want to see all of these picturesque places!

  3. Glad you got there safely. I saw the cancellations on TV and was concerned. Hope everything turns out well for you. Have a great time.

    (by way of Aunt Donna, who still says to stay away from the haggis)