02 May 2009

Spring Break.. over a month late :)

Since I couldn't possibly recall everything I did over spreak in Prague and Rome, I will just copy what I wrote down in my Moleskine at the time...

3/29/09 - Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
Right now, Katy and I are in the hostel in Prague! We left early this morning, had an easy flight, and simple trip via public transportation to the hostel.
So far: lots of graffiti, old cement buildings, garish signage. We are not in the Old Town (Stare Mesto) yet though. That part is supposed to be lovely and gorgeous. 
Tomorrow: walk to market in Stare Mesto, see the Old Town Hall and astronomical clock, Wenceslas Square, then walk across the Charles Bridge to Prague Castle! 
4/2/09 - Milano, Aeroporto (Bergamo)
So Prague is done. The flight went smoothly enough, except that my bag was "too big" to be a carry-on, so I had to pay 540 Kc (crowns) to check it :( Now I have a 5 hour layover in the Milan airport, which might be the worst place to have one, and I've only been here 5 minutes. It is small, dark, nowhere near aesthetically pleasing, not enough seats, not a lot of food or other amenities. You'd think that with all the designers and models that come here, they'd have something a little nicer. But you'd be wrong. How I will entertain myself for 5 hours, I just don't know. Wah, get me to Roma! 
4/3/09 - Roma, Italia
Slept in. Checked internet. Wandered around a little. Met up with Ryleigh, Jen, Mike, Margaret and Kinne at Colosseum, and walked around with Mike. Got gelato twice. Had a funky but good hotdog, and a good dinner of noodles and broth, and chicken with potatoes. Been practicing my Italian, and it's slowly coming back. HUNTING: FOR GRISBIS! I've asked a couple people (one guy in Italian) if they knew what I was talking about -- none did. Supermarket in Termini though, so might check that out tomorrow. NEED GRISBI! AH! I really just want to go to a supermarket, buy bread and fruit, sit in a park, and eat and read. Soak up some sun. It had to have been in the 70s today. I was getting hot in a t-shirt. It's a lot cooler now though. There's some BC kids staying in the same room as me, and one is in Glasgow! I thought he looked familiar from the study abroad meeting.. what a small world!