02 May 2009

Spring Break.. over a month late :)

Since I couldn't possibly recall everything I did over spreak in Prague and Rome, I will just copy what I wrote down in my Moleskine at the time...

3/29/09 - Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
Right now, Katy and I are in the hostel in Prague! We left early this morning, had an easy flight, and simple trip via public transportation to the hostel.
So far: lots of graffiti, old cement buildings, garish signage. We are not in the Old Town (Stare Mesto) yet though. That part is supposed to be lovely and gorgeous. 
Tomorrow: walk to market in Stare Mesto, see the Old Town Hall and astronomical clock, Wenceslas Square, then walk across the Charles Bridge to Prague Castle! 
4/2/09 - Milano, Aeroporto (Bergamo)
So Prague is done. The flight went smoothly enough, except that my bag was "too big" to be a carry-on, so I had to pay 540 Kc (crowns) to check it :( Now I have a 5 hour layover in the Milan airport, which might be the worst place to have one, and I've only been here 5 minutes. It is small, dark, nowhere near aesthetically pleasing, not enough seats, not a lot of food or other amenities. You'd think that with all the designers and models that come here, they'd have something a little nicer. But you'd be wrong. How I will entertain myself for 5 hours, I just don't know. Wah, get me to Roma! 
4/3/09 - Roma, Italia
Slept in. Checked internet. Wandered around a little. Met up with Ryleigh, Jen, Mike, Margaret and Kinne at Colosseum, and walked around with Mike. Got gelato twice. Had a funky but good hotdog, and a good dinner of noodles and broth, and chicken with potatoes. Been practicing my Italian, and it's slowly coming back. HUNTING: FOR GRISBIS! I've asked a couple people (one guy in Italian) if they knew what I was talking about -- none did. Supermarket in Termini though, so might check that out tomorrow. NEED GRISBI! AH! I really just want to go to a supermarket, buy bread and fruit, sit in a park, and eat and read. Soak up some sun. It had to have been in the 70s today. I was getting hot in a t-shirt. It's a lot cooler now though. There's some BC kids staying in the same room as me, and one is in Glasgow! I thought he looked familiar from the study abroad meeting.. what a small world! 


  1. Oooh nooooo!!!!! No one has commented and.... *checks date* it's the tenth!! Something must be done!!

    First of all, graffiti is lovely and gorgeous.

    Second of all, my theory about why the Milan airport is bland or dare say ugly is because it's in Italy, and made by Italians. Arrogant and whiny. Pretty much sums up the general population. Don't care if that's bigoted.

    That said, can't be worse than Newark. That place is a shithouse.

  2. newark was fine as an airport.. milan was atrocious.

  3. i hated newark. it needs major renovations and updates, besides the fact that it employs half of new jersey, thus making it more of a trash heap.