04 June 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

I am back in America now, after a jam-packed month and a few mishaps here and there. 

On May 10, St Andrews had its Charity May Ball, which is basically a huge fancy prom. 
They had two funfair rides, four open bars, and several live bands, at least one of which is a major national act. It was a pretty epic night, one that probably wouldn't ever happen at a US college. 

May Ball kicked off Revision week, which was just study time for exams the next week. I only had two classes, and so I only had two finals, each of which were three hour exams. Needless to say, I had a lot of free time, especially once I finished my exams. 

I was in St Andrews for another week or so until they kicked everyone out of the dorms on the 31st. Mary Beth and Katy left earlier that week (TEARS), but Caryn came on the 28th on her way to Sweden. She must have brought the beautiful weather with her, because it was absolutely gorgeous: 70s and sunny, which is practically unheard of in Scotland! We went to West Sands and I got a bad sunburn!! Who knew it was possible? On Saturday, we left for Edinburgh, where we spent the next few nights until it was time to go to Sweden! 

The appointed day arrives (this being Monday), and we arrive at the airport around 5 am, as Caryn has a flight at 7 am. I bid her farewell, and try to amuse myself until my flight around 3 pm. When it's time for me to check in, I go to th Ryanair air desk, where the lovely desk attendant tells me that my bags are overweight, and in fact they are so overweight that if I want to bring them on this flight, it will cost me £400 pounds (around $800). My ticket only cost £35! So after freaking out temporarily, we got it sorted out so that, instead of going to Sweden, I could fly home the next day (Tuesday). 

So, while the plan was for me to be in Uppsala with Caryn right now, I am in fact in New Hampshire. I enjoy being at home, but going anywhere else has just been strange. It's reverse culture shock! Everything here is BIG: the cars, the roads, the houses, (the people).. There are all these ads on TV for movies I haven't heard of, and all of my favorite British ones (Compare the Market and Irn Bru, I'm looking at you) are gone. I even tried to find a suitable substitute for my loved Batchelor's Cup a Soups; I've found some Campbell's stuff and some Lipton, so we will see if they can stand up to the challenge. 

Ahhhh home! It is so weird, but so wonderful too! 


  1. "We sorted it out..."? Who's we, paleface?

  2. First, what's up with the previous comment there? Second, damn straight I brought the good weather with me! But, I think I must have passed it off to you before we parted ways, because ever since I've arrived here, it has rained EVERY SINGLE DAY, with the exception of the first day I got here. Granted, it does stop for periods of time, but WITHOUT FAIL it RAINS EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Le sigh. And I will say it again, I am very sad you weren't able to come here, but glad to see that you are adjusting to live in the US again.