17 February 2009

2 Weeks In

This is mostly just going to be me rambling about things I've been thinking about lately. 

I read The Curious Case of Benjamin Button before I left, and I just watched the movie the other day. I enjoyed the short story, as I do most F. Scott Fitzgerald stories, and the movie was alright, but I really don't like how the two had nearly nothing in common.  Okay, so in the movie he starts old and grows young and dies. End of similarities. In the short story, he's actually an old man, full size and completely capable of talking, walking, etc; he's not some wrinkly old baby who becomes a baby again in the end. Also, in the short story, he tries to get an education at a variety of levels -- none of that happens in the movie. And the story of how him and his wife met is completely different. Why did they even bother naming the movie after the short story if they completely deviated from the plotline? Damn Hollywood. 

Katy (a girl from my program) and I made a list last night of things we miss from home and things we like better about the UK. I think as of right now, the UK list is longer, and the home list is made up mostly of food items (Eggos! REAL bacon! smores! Fritos! Triscuits!) BUT THIS JUST IN ... there's a gourmet food store call Border's, and they sell American things.. like Jiffy peanut butter, Oreos, Betty Crocker pancake mix, Fluff, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Goldfish, Zatarain's Rice, etc! It was a glorious sight to see. AND they had big bags of tortilla chips, which really made me excited. 

Last night we went to see Mr. St. Andrews... wow, what a show. Mr DRA lasted until around the top 5, then somehow got out in the stripper pole competition, I think. Did I mention that this show was way sexually charged? Somehow I think this would never happen at BC (sad face...). 

Friday night in Edinburgh was a bunch of fun, even if the dudes in the hostel room next to us yelled and banged on doors until 4 in the morning. The city is pretty gorgeous, and there's so much to do. Not to mention the presence of solid pubs. 

I have now seen THREE people with BC clothing around town. According to the email that BC sent out, I am the only one from BC who is here at St Andrews. The first two people had sweatshirts that looked like they came from Athletics, and the last girl today was wearing a Superfan shirt.  Since I missed my opportunity to talk to the first two, I stopped her and asked about it, and she told me she had a friend from Hull who went to BC and gave it to her as a gift. Alas, not as cool a connection as I was hoping for. 

I have found a replacement for late night, and its name is Empire. A fitting name for the hole in the wall place that makes the best garlic bread pizza I might have ever eaten. EMPIRE IS KING!! Also on my "good, cheap, and fast" food list is PM's Fish and Chip shop.. I can get a lot of chips and nuggets for just under 5 pounds. De-lic-ious. 


  1. OK. second paragraph: i figured the movie would be lame. so thank you for saving me time.

    third paragraph: i wouldn't doubt that the uk is way better than this crap hole. i hate nh. nh bites.

    fourth paragraph: that's disgusting.

    fifth paragraph: those dudes sound like assholes. you should've f'd them up.

    sixth paragraph: you should be proud. your an original. and now it gives you the right to get up in anyone's grill that wears BC stuff. they just frontin'. it actually sounds a ton like STA, for that reason.

    seventh paragraph: i'm hungry. and nh bites. i hate this place.

  2. i'm so glad that you found a replacement for late night... what would you do without your greasy fried food at 2am? This is random, but I got to make pancakes yesterday because a friend from the US came here to visit one of my friends and she brought the mix and syrup... SO GOOD...And that stripper thing sounds like a sexual chocolate dance show if you ask me... miss you!