17 March 2009

When Awesome Things Arrive in the Mail

I consider that a good day. 

The momma package came today: my TOMS shoes!!! Ramen!!! and Easter prezzies! Little chicks, bunnies, peeps, eggs! And some Vera Bradley stationery! Sweet! 

Look at how many exclamation points I can use!!! I MUST BE EXCITED!

Since there is only 3 Ramen packages, I must ration them. They are a precious commodity, as Super Noodles just don't replace them. The Cup a Soups come close, but there is just not nearly enough of it to satisfy me. 

Oh sweet Ramen, how I have missed you. 

And oh TOMS, how comfy you are, and how I will grow to love and overwear you. 


  1. I've never heard of TOMS, but damn, they have some cute shoes. And oh, how I love shoes...

  2. What are we looking at in the new picture? I liked the earlier one very much; please send me the link to that photo. Love you, Dad.

  3. This is an actual picture I took the other day of Castle Sands.. it's the beach right near the old castle, and it's where the May Dip occurs, and where the monks used to bathe. I got the other one from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ViewFromTheTop.JPG

  4. I liked the other one too, but I'm enjoying the new scenery. Are you planning to rotate more photos through the blog?

  5. Haven't really decided.. I figured I would use one I actually took to make it a little more personal. If I take any better photos that I think would work here, I might switch it up again.