27 January 2009

5 Days..

In lieu of sending out mass emails, or recounting adventures innumerable times, I've decided to bring this lovely blog about my semester abroad into the world.

Bets on how long it lasts?

After much debate with myself about what the title should be, I settled on what you see above. Scotland has all three of things. Craic, pronounced "crack", means gossip or lively conversation... I prefer the latter.

And so this Sunday, while everyone else is zoned in on the Super Bowl, I will be on a transatlantic flight to London, and from there will head to Edinburgh for orientation. After three days there, I will finally end to St Andrews, in the Kingdom of Fife, on the coast of the North Sea! Oooh, fancy.

Until then, I'll be running around, sorting my life out, and stuffing it into two suitcases. I took today off from work so I could renew my license, get travelers' checks, and make progress on the packing situation, among other things.

I really don't know how they expect us to fit four months into two bags. But they do.

Since I know everyone will be dying to send me mail and care packages (please?) here's my address:

Sally Roberts
HL0401 David Russell Apts
Buchanan Gardens
St Andrews
KY16 9LY
Scotland, United Kingdom

I also have Skype (srob017) so talk to me! Those who are abroad (in Europe, preferably) should probably tell me where so I can take super cool awesome vacations.

Until next time, love & misses.


  1. Because I'll be dying for updates about your adventures there I'm offering a little incentive - if you make weekly updates for the whole semester then drinks are on me the first time we go out senior year. Deal? Deal.

  2. Hi,Sal. About to go to bed, tracking your flight as you travel to Scotland (looks like you are over Nova Scotia now) and thought I would check the blog. Great design, love the picture of the school and your shot. Have a great time, and we will see you in April. We love you.

    Dad (and Mom, of course, too.)

  3. i packed my life for a year in 2 suitcases, you'll survive... and life is more about what you do and who you are than the things you own... isn't it my friend? ;)